Autonomous Laser Cleaning System

for Large Scale Storage Tanks



In 2023, Surteg s.r.o. started its journey in the field of automatization industry. Our company have participated in projects focused on fully autonomous systems for industry applications. In 2024 we managed to proudly introduce our own product.

Our vision is to become a technological company closely cooperating with our business partners and helping them to overcome obstacles caused by current technological revolution.

Our mission is to provide custom designed autonomous solutions for industry applications.


Our system enables an innovative approach to cleaning oversized storage tanks and equipment. It thus replaces the conventional methods based on blasting. Thanks to this unique design, our system has high efficiency and especially minimal emissions and environmental impact.

Current solution

System ready

for storage tanks

Our Innovative application

Technical specifications

  • Based on 3kW pulse laser
  • Magnetic crawler platform
  • Fully modular
  • Fully automated movement and orientation
  • Possible use of magnetic belts for special applications
  • Sensor mapping based on LIDAR technology
  • Work height up to 30 m
  • Blasting/Cleaning speed up to 100 square m/sec

Oil Storage Tank at Night


  • Suitable for all storage tanks
  • 5 time faster than conventional methods
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No dust emissions
  • No contamination due to blasting of contaminated surfaces
  • Possibility to adjust for needs of customer
  • No need of disposure of waste blasting and contaminated material
  • No hazard for personal
  • Fully automated


Our system is one of the most powerful on the market allowing to clean up to 100 square m/sec. The system is also developed in way that it uses maximum efficiency thanks to the optimal cleaning path.

Magnetic system

Our solution uses a special magnetic system allowing easy mounting and an autonomous characteristics provide safety to operators without the necessity to work in heights.


The system was developed with scalability in mind. It allows us to accommodate the system directly by the requirements of our customers.

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